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About Us


College of Business and Technical Studies (CBTS) is an institution setup by a team of professionals with a variety of experience in industry, academics and research, under the auspiecies of Doon Educational Foundation Society (Regd.).

With the objective of delivering quality education and training to dynamic young under-graduates and graduates for an illustrious career in the areas of media studies, information sciences, management and information technology. Doon Education Foundation Society (DEFS) is a registered educational Society floated with the objective of delivering quality programmes and modules in education, training and consultancy in the areas of computing, management and allied spheres. DEFS is the brainchild of team of professionals with variety of experience in education, research and industry.

CBTS recognizes that all students are different and have different needs. Our programmes are demanding as well as challenging with participation required from the students and encouragement to develop their personal skills. Professional programmes offered at CBTS enable students to develop skills in specialized areas. At CBTS we encourage an active approach to learning with classroom activities, which are highly interactive and stimulating. The learning experience includes an interesting blend of lectures, brain storming sessions, presentations, seminars, simulations, etc.

Students are also involved in group projects and assignments. Training during the programme will enable you to develop some of the practical skills and knowledge that employer's value, such as problem solving, teamwork, etc. It enables you to relate classroom learning concepts and skills to real life situations. This combination of a sound theoretical background and practical experience builds confidence to face the world in the new millennium.

College of Business and Technical Studies
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