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The simple act of opening this web site demonstrates that you are considering one of the most significant decision of your life whether to undergo a technical qualification in computing.

As a college we specialize in education and training in the areas of Computing, Management, Media Studies and Information Science. We take pride in the quality of training and certification offered by our college. Our programmmes are awarded by Makhan Lal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishwavidyalaya.

The programmmes are delivered, with the object of fulfilling 3(three) basic aims.

* To develop an intellectual approach to problem-solving as applied to many fields including information systems and promote a sound knowledge of software development techniques with emphasis on scientific business systems.

* To develop the students to take up challanging jobs in industry successfully or to help them perform better in their job, if they are already working.

* To develop students abilities to enable them to work effectively in and appreciate a multi-disciplinary environment and apply their knowledge and skills.

Our courses have been designed, with the present trends and market requirments in mind. These courses are professional programmmes, combining the curriculum with intensive industrial training for the students to familiarize them with the industry environment.

The time after schooling could be turning point in the life of a person if right decisions are taken at that time. These are generally about the future prospects of the person and his career. This kind of decision is the most critical one and must be taken very cautiously after a lot of thinking.

We look forward to welcomimg you into one of our courses. While, please consider very care fully the opportunities our courses offer and contact our Admission/ Coordinator, if you have any queries/suggestions/want to discuss any thing.

Piyush Anand

College of Business and Technical Studies
Contact: cbts_india@rediffmail.com