C o l l e g e    o f    B u s i n e s s    &    T e c h n i c a l    S t u d i e s


w h e r e    s u c c e s s    i s    a    w a y    o f    l i f e






CBTS boasts of a faculty that is dedicated, and professionally updated in their respective fields. All members of the faculty have earned positions of eminence in their own areas of specialization, and are now entirely committed to educating a new 'crop' of professionals.

Each one of these people now shares the foresight and ambition to formulate a leading light in the field of Education.

CBTS also realizes that exposure to latest techniques and technologies in the industry is extremely crucial for any professional. With this in mind, we organize guest lectures, seminars and discussions with eminent Industrialists, Director, Managers and Professional from the corporate world.

College of Business and Technical Studies
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