C o l l e g e    o f    B u s i n e s s    &    T e c h n i c a l    S t u d i e s


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The programmes in Information Technology focus on certain key functions and skills, which are essentially required to be possessed by every professional today. It is designed to cover and reflect a breadth of issues that arise in national and international context. The programmes offers you:

A challenging study cycle where you study and work with like-minded people from a wide mix of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. A focus on teamwork, innovation and all around development. The experience of being part of a college, which conducts research into a wide range of issues hand in hand with the organizations. A participative programme, which offers highly interactive and supportive learning atmosphere across all the subject areas.

A balanced programme, in terms, which does not solely, focuses on "HARD" and "FUNCTIONAL SKILLS" to the detriment of "SOFTER SKILLS".

A personal approach:
The COLLEGE focuses on personalized student centered approach to and atmosphere for learning.
Specific Purpose Facilities:
The College offers purpose designed facilities such as a computer center with the latest machines and equipment and a library.

Active Placement Support:
To top it all the college offers you active placement support, with its placement cell operational at New Delhi.

College of Business and Technical Studies
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